Fieldwork experiences and photos

Argentina (2011; 2014; 2015)

Provinces of Mendoza and San Juan: Project on the genomics of tetraploidy in octodontid rodents. Patagonia trekking.

Dominican Republic (2015)

Provinces of La Vega, Sánchez Ramirez, Monte Plata, El Seibo, and La Altagracia: Project on biodiversity patterns of endemic bats and small mammals (hutias, solenodon) and ecotourism sustainability.

Chihuahuan and Sonoran Deserts, USA (2011)

New Mexico, Arizona, California: Field leader for the University of Chicago’s one-month Desert Ecology Field School; mentorship and training of undergraduates on field projects.

Great Basin Desert, USA (2003-2006)

Nevada, Oregon, and California: Projects on phylogeography and population genetics of kangaroo mice; behavioral ecology of desert rodents.